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Developmental editing is a collaboration between editor and author to enhance the manuscript's structure, ​narrative flow, and character development. It involves deep analysis and critique, focusing on the work's ​overarching elements to ensure coherence, engagement, and effective storytelling. This stage shapes the ​early drafts into a solid foundation for the final book.

Nonfiction - $0.049/word & Fiction - $0.039/word


Line editing is a comprehensive approach by the editor to enhance the author's prose at the sentence level. ​It focuses on language use, rhythm, and flow, eliminating redundancy and awkward phrasing to ensure each ​sentence is sharp and clear, improving the overall quality of the writing.

Copy editing is a meticulous process between editor and author to refine the manuscript's language, correct ​grammatical errors, ensure consistency in style and syntax, and verify factual accuracy. It polishes the text ​for clarity and readability without altering the author's voice.

At Author Cultivation, this is a combined service; no need to buy both.

Nonfiction & Fiction - $0.049/word


Proofreading in books is the final stage of the editing process, where a proofreader meticulously scans the ​text for any remaining errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. This step is crucial because it ​ensures the book is polished and professional before publication. It catches mistakes that may have been ​overlooked in previous edits, which is essential for maintaining the author's credibility and providing a ​seamless reading experience for the audience. Without thorough proofreading, a book risks distracting or ​confusing readers with preventable errors, potentially affecting the reception and success of the work.

Author Cultivation does not currently offer proofreading services.

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writing and ghostwriting

Excited to bring your book to life? Our writing services are perfect for aspiring authors like you. ​From ghostwriting to co-writing, we're here to transform your brilliant ideas into compelling ​stories. Whether you're stuck midway or just starting, our professional touch will ensure your ​project crosses the finish line with flair. Let's turn your vision into a book that captivates ​readers.

marketing and amazon a+ content

Leveraging our unique strengths, we are excited to support you with essential marketing ​services, including foundational marketing strategies, crafting compelling ad images, and ​creating outstanding Amazon A+ content. While marketing and PR might not be our sole focus, ​we are committed to delivering quality assistance in these areas to enhance your brand's ​presence and success.

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about author cultivation

After almost 20 years of professional publishing experience as a writer and ​editor, Eliza Osborn launched Author Cultivation. Her love for books and design ​come together here to help writers develop their own projects.

As a writer, Eliza has had over fifty features and cover articles published in ​magazines nationwide, ghostwritten both nonfiction and fiction, and secured ​novel and novella contracts.